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We understand the struggle you’re going through: your home is overloaded with stuff, clothes and items you don’t need. It’s suffocating and making you feel uncomfortable. But you can’t seem to get rid of it. You think that you’re stuck with it. Well, you’re not.

Louise Hopkin, The Space Reclaimers, are here to help. As professional home organizers in Calgary, we’re here to provide you with custom plans so that you can declutter your home, reclaim your space and open up the chance to build new memories. We want to bring you a sense of relief and a chance to feel free with more open space in your home.

It doesn’t matter what type of changes you’re going through your life, we’re here to help you with the process. We’re not here to judge, but rather to help you through this phase so that you can get started on the next one. We have a range of services for you to choose from, so you can feel comfortable with your decision. We’re more than happy to discuss and breakdown each service we have on offer, so you get the full scope of what is expected when working alongside us.

It’s time to toss away the clutter, and reclaim your space! Reach out and contact the team today at Space Reclaimers.

Our Services

Your Real Life - Simplified and Organized

This 90 day program is going to transform your mindset from wanting more to feeling fulfilled You will create new habits & routines to keep you highly organized and feeling less overwhelmed and lost. It will bring in success in many areas of your life. 

Hands On

Most Popular! Schedule your free in-house consultation so we can see your project first hand and create a custom plan that will work for you and your family. We will help you reclaim your space!

DIY Plans

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Lots of potential clients express a wish to have someone tell them where to start, what to buy, and how to keep the motivation going. This is also a great cost effective way to get your home organized with Professional help.


The Home Organization In Calgary That Can Help


Clutter isn’t just items that are piled up in your home, it’s a clutter in your everyday living. Think about it: clutter steals 50% of your storage space, costs you more money as you buy to replace items, instead of searching for them, it robs you of your energy and it makes you feel overwhelmed or depressed. Why would you keep such negativity in your home? 

This is where The Space Reclaimers can help with our services to declutter your home and open up your new phase. We can help you, regardless of the situation you’re facing and provide you with the results you want.  


Our most popular choice is our Hands-On Organizing Sessions, where we come to your home to assess and organize a plan to get the maximum out of your home. This includes a free consultation, constant communication and an open approach so that you’re comfortable.


Our DIY Plans are where we assess the space in a specific room that you want reclaimed. We will provide you with a plan for how to execute it so you can do it in your own time.


Our Moving Services means we’ll help you when it comes to moving to a new place, packing up items and creating a design for your new home. We offer Platinum, Gold and Silver options. 


Our ‘Reclaim Your Space Online Course’ is a 3-week guide to explaining how to eliminate clutter in your home, how to create a plan, and how to execute it to perfection.

For more information on our services, feel free to click on the services tab above, or contact us directly on (403) 993-0414 or at

Free In-House Consult

This is the best way to get to know us and feel comfortable working with us. We offer this consult as a time to chat about your personal goals and ideas and how we can bring them to life.

Take Items Away

 We take items away after every session either to donation, landfill (we try to avoid this as much as possible – but it does happen!) or consignment

Any Area In Your Home

We can help create space in any area of your home. Whether it is a large or small space it will help generate positive energy in your home.

It Works!

By locking in a place for your items you will stay organized  and your family understands the importance of minimizing and organzing

You Save Time!

With one or two extra sets of hands what we can achieve in 3hrs will save you your most precious commodity – TIME!

Professional Service

We pride ourselves on our professional, efficient and reliable service.

The Honest & Supportive Professional Home Organization Experts


We understand that getting rid of items and stuff from your home can be very difficult. If you’re going through a tough time or you’re struggling with adjusting, disposing of objects that mean something is hard. But that is why we started as professional home organizers in Calgary: we want to help you. 

We’re open, trustworthy and supportive. We aim to help you get to the next phase of your life so that you’re able to reclaim the space and start anew. We’ll provide you with an open platform, so you feel comfortable with the process. We’re going to make a difference for you, your home and your life! 

To speak to the open and supportive home organization team in Calgary, reach out and contact us today. Book in your free consultation so you can get started on the next step of your clutter-free life! 


What They’re Saying About Us

Louise and Karine are amazing! I don’t know how I would have survived this move without them. In a single session of packing we get more done than I do myself in nearly a week. They are extremely organized, friendly and efficient. Thank you so so much ladies! You get my highest recommendation.

 – Veronika

I honestly can’t thank and sing praises enough to The Space Reclaimers for their help with my international move Home Organize. When they left they took away my items for donation so that I didn’t have to and followed up with me afterwards to see things were coming along but also how I was doing. The Space Reclaimers is so much more than a organizing company – these Ladies understand both the physical and emotional struggles with organizing/minimizing – they care about their clients.

– Shaulyn

Team Space Reclaimers were amazing at helping me clear over 28 years of accumulated “stuff” as I transition to a smaller and lower maintainance living space. They were efficient, organized and very professional. They made an initially overwhelming undertaking very manageable. Thank you Louise and Karine!

– Karin

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