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Brings about a sense of relief and freedom to enjoy the things you love doing.


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By changing habits and creating new routines we can stay organized and in control of clutter

We are Professional Organizers based in Calgary that are here to meet your needs.

Services we offer:

The organization of your home is a very personal experience and it needs to be an invigorating one so you are motived to remain organized.

This is where we come in, ready to work hard to help you create your ideal living space.
Areas where we can help organize:
  • Bedroom
  • Closets
  • Kitchen
  • Living Areas
  • Nursery/Children room
  • Home office
  • Basements
  • Garage
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Coaching Packages

Organizing is not black and white and one size does not fit all. We see alot of pretty pictures in books and magazines and it makes us feel like we are not doing well in our homes and lives and question why can't I get that organized!

I like to teach that oganizing is not a linear structure and that it needs to have a basic foundation and then we can build from there.  By changing habits and creating routines we can stay organizing and in control of our clutter.

I teach that we should keep life simple and to not make it harder than it already is.

What it includes:

1 month - $289

1.5hr initial consult

Create goals and a plan on how to get there

Weekly phone call

Weekly action items

You will be held accountable to get things done

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Selling or Downsizing:

Downsizing can be overwhelming and you will more than likely have a lot of "stuff" to deal with. We can help you decide how to organize the new house with less space.
If you are planning on selling your home, we can help speed up the process and obtain the best possible price by decluttering your house. It is proven that potential buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your home.

Pre and post move organization service:

Moving is rated one of the most stressful things we have to deal with in our life - so let us help!
12hrs 10% discount - $594    
20hrs 15% discount - $935
With our pre and post move organization service we offer:
Packing and unpacking
Oversee movers
Create inventory
Pre and post move organizing
Coordinate with Eco boxes to arrange drop off and pick up

This is a partial testimonial from one of my clients and I feel it captures the very essence of why I became an organizer!

 " The bringer of joy and light and order. She is the tried and true restorer of serenity, calm, harmony, beauty and peace to your shelter. What Louise does is priceless. Now I have seen how she can set me free"
- Cheryl Taylor

So why Organize?

The idea behind being organized is to create a calm, relaxing environment for you and your family.
This is what we strive to achieve for each client and why we will create a custom plan as all clients are unique and have different requirements and needs.
Did you know that clutter causes you to feel overwhelmed or depressed? It robs you of your energy and steals 50 percent of you storage space. It can make life harder as you have to look longer and dig deeper to find what you are looking for. It takes longer to clean your home and it costs you money because you cant find items that you need you buy a replacement or you may be paying for storage.
Family spending time together at home

Take a minute or two to try this exercise:

Focus on a cluttered area in your home. How do you feel when you look at this area? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Getting organized will help you feel better emotionally and physically.
Clutter often starts growing when your energy is low, such as during the colder months.

Psychology of clutter:

Getting rid of stuff is very hard for us to do. It takes time; it can be very overwhelming, and most of us never know where to start or exactly how to go about it. I happen to love change. However, many people do not like change and you may need help sorting through your clutter. You need a change agent in your life. Face your fear or the shame of someone seeing your cluttered home and call an organizer to help.

- Jennifer Ford Berry
As a Home Organizer based in Calgary, I understand how hard it is to invite a complete stranger into your home and feel like they will judge you.The thing is we don't judge and we genuinely want to help when people are feeling a little overwhelmed.
Whether you are going through a life changing situation, such as moving, divorce, or the death of a loved one or dealing with a busy schedule  we can help.
Contact us today to arrange your free in-house or video consultation so we can discuss a custom plan that will work just for you.
    - Louise Hopkin