LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Professional Home Organizer for busy women like you ready to release clutter, get life in order, and create a spacious home that helps your family thrive.

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LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter
LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Is your never-ending clutter driving you crazy?

Everywhere you look there’s stuff. On counters, in cupboards, in closets…not to mention the boxes in the basement or garage.

And so much of it you don’t use, like or know what to do with.

If you’re like most women I work with, it’s causing you stress and overwhelm because you don’t know where to start or how to keep your home organized.

But you’re so ready for change!

What if I could help you “unstuff” your life?

  • You could get on top of clutter, clear it and then learn new habits to break the cycle of creating more.
  • You could keep the essentials you loved and needed. Nothing more
  • You could walk in the door after work and feel peaceful and relaxed.
  • You could leave the next morning and be on time because you knew where everything was.

Your home would be a spacious sanctuary in which to relax, recharge and play.

How amazing would that feel? How much more would you start loving your home (and life!) as a result?

The truth is…clutter steals your joy and energy. It robs you of our creativity. And it costs time, money and peace of mind.

The best gift you can give your and your family is a clutter-free home!

Curious to learn more?

LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach declutter

One-on-One Coaching

The process of exploring in my private program is gentle, loving and non judgemental. It’s not about blaming and shaming for why you are living in chaos, it’s actually the opposite, it’s illuminating , filled with curiosity so you can understand yourself better. You can find out its not your fault, this thing, this pattern this experience may have created that and now this was a coping strategy of yours now you can realize you can shift it and you don’t need the copying strategy anymore.

Decode Your Clutter

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, the clutter keeps coming back, you’re not alone.

I could give you tips & tricks, but here’s what I really know. If we don’t unpack that deeper reason for why clutter is showing up, it’s very hard to maintain a clutter-free home.

The women I work with want to understand themselves better.

They want to understand why they hold onto things, why they can’t seem to stay organized and continually create a level of chaos in their home.

If you’re tired of clutter and want a peaceful path forward, I’m excited to share my Decode Your Clutter Call.

Hands On Organizing

If you just want to have someone help work with you to get it done then these are the packages for you!

We will come to your home and declutter and organize one room or your whole home!

We also offer packing services for when you are moving home.

I have spent over 6 years as a Professional Home Organizer creating offerings that are unique and work!

I love to look at the holistic organizing of how you can create space in yourself and your home so you can find the peace and harmony you crave.

It goes beyond the clutter.

You’ll learn skills and release the overwhelm so you can be the woman you want to be…rather than who you feel like you “should” be.

Join me on the beginning of a journey of self-love, self-discovery; and unapologetic confidence.

LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Here's What They Are Saying...

Louise Hopkin, Declutter, Home Organizing, Calgary, Moving House, Packing Services

Life Saver!!

From our very first meeting, Louise assured me I was still very much in control, guided me through her format, and we came up with a plan together.

Louise helped me sort through everything, her encouragement and guidance made decision making easier for me, and kept me on track. Louise has tremendous experience and talent in this area, providing loads of ideas on how to save space, better sort things, ways to use things, and how to let go of things.

I never once was made to feel my things were just stuff, instead I‘m left feeling proud of my home and better able to appreciate the treasures within.

Shannon Steele Collier

Louise Hopkin The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Helped me break through some blocks

I loved Louise’s kindness in helping to reach goals in decluttering my life.

I love the information on the psychology of why we do things, and how that relates to clutter.

It was a push to make some changes that was needed to clear away clutter so there is more time to do the fun stuff! And have space reclaimed in the home!”

Tamara Remillard

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The Space Reclaimers are proud to be partners with 4 Ocean

4ocean has professional cleanup crews working 7 days a week in Florida, Bali, Haiti, and Guatemala.

4ocean has removed over 12 million pounds of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines since starting in 2017.

Every 4ocean product purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines.

Please take a moment to check out their amazing products.

4ocean, yychomeorganizer, declutter
4ocean, yychomeorganizer, declutter
4ocean, yychomeorganizer, declutter

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