Decluttering Routines: Building Your Daily Habit in 7 Days



Fed up with your piles of clutter and and ready to spend more time with family, create space and zen in your home?

Join me in this challenge where we will add decluttering habits into your daily routine that will help you stay on top of your clutter and get organized.

Building Decluttering Habits in 7 Days May 13 - May 20

Feeling like clutter has got the best of you and your home?

Trust me you're not alone!

If you notice:

you have a tendency to let things pile up or move things from one place to another even though your inner voice says "don't leave it there, you know it'll take you weeks to put it back in the right place!"


your clutter causes you stress and you are never able to find things when you need them. You are constantly buying new items because you are not sure if you already have it...

The 7 Day Declutter Habit Challenge

is for you!

Your time is so precious

we only get a certain amount of time to spend with our family, friends and to look after ourselves - so let's make the most of it!

Hi I'm Louise & If your naturally messy like me...

it doesn't mean that you are lazy, not smart or you will never get organized!

It just means that you are a busy person, maybe life circumstances have changed and it's be hard to get back to where you used to be or want to be.

You feel pulled in a million different directions and it's tough to focus on just one thing!

When you have trouble staying focused you tend to start a lot of different projects and then never finish them.

What I have found works for me is to create habits and routines to help me stay on top of my clutter and get organized.

This is what I want for you!


  1. routine or practice performed regularly: an automatic response to a specific situation.

Why create decluttering habits?

Increased Productivity

decluttering your surroundings can reduce distractions, increase focus and efficiency in completing tasks.

Reduce Stress

A clutter-free environment promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, helping you to feel less overwhelmed and stressed in your daily lives.

Streamlined Morning Routine

Establishing decluttering habits can streamline morning routines, making it easier to find essentials and start the day on a positive note.

Get rid of the DOOM piles

Don't Organize Only Move piles - so many of us have them! By creating just 2-3 new habits you will prevent the build up of clutter.

Increased Energy

A clutter-free space can create a sense of lightness and vitality, providing a much-needed energy boost for busy women juggling multiple responsibilities.


By developing efficient decluttering habits, you will save time in the long run by maintaining a clutter-free environment with minimal effort.

Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones


Decluttering Routines: Building Your Daily Habit in 7 Days

May 13 - May 20:

Get ready to create habits that are going to help keep the clutter under control and create space in your life!

Here's how Building Your Daily Habit in 7 Days works:


Daily Video

Easy habit to implement

We will implement a simple declutter habit. Keeping it quick and simple will help you stick to it.


Facebook Group

Support & Accountability

Join the private Facebook group where I will be posting the details for each day. This is also a space for support & accountability.


Live Declutter Session

Working session together

Join me via zoom where we will work together and get a space of your choosing cleared.


Habit Formation Journal

Plan and track

Use this journal throughout the challenge to track and record your new habits. There is also reflection and space to create your own ideas along the way.

Here's the schedule:

Day 1

May 13th

Building Better Habits

Recorded video with

1 action item

Day 2

May 14th

Habit Stacking in Action

Recorded video with

1 action item

Day 3

May 15th

Refining Your Routine

Recorded video with

1 action item

Day 4

May 16th

Building Better Habits

Live Training*

Day 5

May 17th

Consistency & Sustainability

Recorded video

1 action item with

Day 6

May 18th

Live Decluttering Session**

via Zoom

Day 7

May 19th

Rest or catch up day

Day 8

May 20th

Mindful Decluttering: Cultivating Gratitude and Letting Go.

Live Training

* For the live trainings if you are not able to attend live the recording will be sent out the next day

** The live decluttering session will not be recorded as this is a working session, you would benefit most by attending


I'm super busy, how can I fit this into my schedule?

Totally understand the time crunch! The 7-day routine is designed with busy schedules in mind. Each day's tasks are broken down into manageable chunks, easily fitting into your day-to-day activities. Think of it as your decluttering companion, tagging along with you effortlessly.

Why is there a cost associated with the challenge?

Great question! Your investment goes beyond just the challenge itself. It's about investing in yourself, your peace of mind, and reclaiming your space. Plus, the fee helps support ongoing resources and guidance from a decluttering expert (that's me!), ensuring you have everything you need for success.

I've tried similar challenges before and never finished. How is this different?

I hear you! This isn't just another run-of-the-mill challenge. It's a personalized journey crafted by a single expert (yours truly) who understands your struggles intimately. With daily support, accountability, and tailored tips, you'll stay motivated and empowered every step of the way. Together, we'll tackle those cluttered areas and create new habits.

What if I fall behind during the challenge?

Life happens, and that's okay! If you find yourself falling behind, don't stress. Simply pick up where you left off or jump back in at any point. The beauty of this challenge is its flexibility—it's designed to work with your pace and schedule. Plus, you'll have access to all the resources and support you need to catch up and stay on track. Think of it as a judgment-free zone where progress, not perfection, is celebrated..

I loved Louise's kindness in helping to reach goals in decluttering my life. I love the information on the psychology of why we do things, and how that relates to clutter.

It was a push to make some changes that was needed to clear away clutter so there is more time to do the fun stuff! And have space reclaimed in the home!

Tamara Remillard

Before Louise, I had stuff everywhere and my normal was chaos.

Louise helped me see WHY I was holding on.

I thought my stuff held memories, but it doesn’t.

With new habits and perspective,

my new normal is clean and a lot calmer!

She forever changed my life."

Dawnelda McInnis

"Thanks Louise.  I really appreciate your expertise, friendly and straight forward approach.

  It really works well for me! I am excited and motivated to declutter, simplify and let others be in charge of their belongings.


I feel much freer already. 

Thank you so much!”

Alma Eamer

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