In another podcast episode, we discussed the background details of the underlying causes of clutter attachments. Although it is paramount to keep it in mind as you delve into the first steps of resolving your clutter, time management should also not be overlooked during the process. Saving time is key to faster progress!

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There are six (6) ways to create more time in your life to successfully steer clear of your clutter!


1. Turn off notifications

Notifications are a great source of distraction, despite how intriguing they may be. You’ll realize after just one glance that you’ve already spent an hour scrolling through your social media. It’s a pattern of behavior that causes you to engage in unhealthy time consumption. When notifications rule your routine, delays, tardiness, and being late are all likely consequences. Suppose that you need to set aside ten minutes each day to accommodate these notifications. If you add up those ten minutes a day, they would total more than an hour. Imagine wasting an hour scrolling on your 6-inch device rather than using the time to engage in more productive activities like organizing your clutter.

2. Say NO

Learn to look after yourself! Never hesitate to decline when you know you have to. We frequently commit the mistake of agreeing to do something out of politeness and courtesy. As much as you try to maintain positive relationships with people around you with this attitude, this does more harm than good to you. Learning to say no involves more than just declining; it also entails establishing boundaries and taking care of your well-being. On top of that, start to recognize your priorities! It makes it easier to say no.

3. Simplify your wardrobe

Most people are unaware of this, but having a smaller wardrobe means taking less time to get ready. Everything will be in harmony, and you won’t have many options to choose from because having too many causes confusion. Simply put, having fewer items in your closet will save you time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get rid of almost everything, just simply lessen them so you don’t get overwhelmed.

4. Established routines

You’ll notice that your workflow typically runs smoothly when you have a rigid, regulated, and well-planned routine. To commit to specific goals and maintain focus, it is advantageous to establish daily routines. Things typically go smoothly for you, saving you a ton of time. Stay organized! Because disruptions to routines can commonly result in stress and overwhelming feelings.

5. Minimize

Minimizing doesn’t necessarily entail getting rid of everything. This idea simply suggests that less is more. It’s more convenient to move around and things are convenient to do when there is less clutter in our home. In light of this, organizing and decluttering your home can help you save time by making it easier to find things. Fewer items equal less work and more time.

6. Stop multitasking

Having the confidence that we can accomplish everything at once is one behavior we should eliminate. This is highly discouraged because it wears us out and causes us to become sidetracked from our intended task. The process of completing a task lasts forever when you have a lot on your plate. Never forget to only complete one task at a time! Your performance will improve, you’ll be more focused, and the results will be satisfying.


6 Ways to create more time


Keeping these guidelines in mind and introducing them into your everyday living is a game changer. This is a long-term plan. Set aside your time-wasting tasks and devote them to these healthy practices. Exerting effort to create time in resolving your clutter makes way for faster and more likely progress. The clock is ticking; look at your habits, and do some tweaking. 


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