I am so excited to have one of my clients, Tamara, in this episode. It’s amazing to witness the huge, huge progress that she makes in reclaiming her space. And today she will share with us her experience with the program and how she applied it to her life!

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Following a course with a busy schedule

In decluttering and organizing, sometimes what most people need is accountability. And people often feel hesitant to take a class, join a community, or have a coach because of their busy schedule. But Tamara knew the long-term rewarding effect of having knowledge and support so she made it her priority.

So how did she manage it? Here are some tips:

> Have someone that is easy to chat and work with. It’s easier to remember a ‘friendly reminder to keep going, whether that would be a simple task of clearing stuff for 5 minutes.

> One of the practical ways to go through modules and apply it is to break it down into smaller tasks, in short times. For example, after a lesson, you could proceed to clean one window panel for less than 10 minutes. Then you could do the next panel on the next day.

“We often put off a task when we think it would take us an hour or more to do it. So it becomes so much easier when we break it down.” -Louise Hopkin

> Be part of a community that encourages you, and helps you be accountable with your journey.

> Instead of wasting more of your time searching for tips and doing trial and error on what would work for you, avail a program that you could stick with and follow through. (Make sure the program resonates with you too.) In this way, you would actually accomplish something.

The right fit for you

Choosing the Right Decluttering Program for youIn finding a program, it’s important to find one that is flexible. One that caters to YOU, and doesn’t just give a one-size-fit-all advice. Because you wouldn’t want to waste time and money on a guide that doesn’t work for you.

That is why Tamara went for the Space Reclaimers Program. This course caters to your own unique strengths and weaknesses, gives you a clear direction, and very simple. It’s easy to follow through! Louise assesses your situation and personality, then helps you build habits that stay with you even after you finish the course.

Everyone’s different, so it’s important to have a coach who don’t see everyone as the same.

Some stuff in the program:

“Model it for your kids to have a space designated for their stuff.”  -Tamara Remillard

Connect with Tamara

Tamara Remillard is a Family Coach at Connect Behaviour. She works with parents find connection with their kids, and highlight how clutter can relate to children who are struggling. Her family owns a painting business.

Website: www.refreshingpainters.ca

Email: calmingconnections1@gmail.com

Instagram: calming_connections1

LinkedIn: Tamara Remillard

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