When maintaining a healthy and neat mental and physical, keeping your space clutter-free is not the only thing to be taken into consideration. There are still many variables at play. In our most recent podcast, we focused on fostering sustainable lifestyle habits by lowering our carbon footprint. Apart from clutter attachments, there is also climate anxiety, which is a much less discussed issue. Regardless, it is a serious problem that necessitates an equal amount of importance.

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Clutter-free living & sustainable living

These two embodiments represent the initiatives that Katharina and Louis aspire to instill in others. Once these two strategies are combined, they will undoubtedly promote a clean and neat environment, giving rise to healthy physical and mental well-being.

Who’s Katharina and what does she do?

Life and climate change coach Katharina Hellman holds extra knowledge and experience in coaching people on climate change-related topics that could help them overcome their anxiety about the emotional effects of climate change. She endeavors to teach people how to live sustainably, remain hopeful, be aware of what’s happening, and contribute to making a difference in the world. Her methods include assisting individuals in putting into practice the actions that would be most likely to reduce their individual carbon footprint in order to establish sustainable lifestyle habits.

But what is a carbon footprint?

Everything ultimately boils down to history. The concept of a personal carbon footprint was initially employed by an oil-selling company to place the blame and accountability on people, spreading the view that individuals should be the ones to make lifestyle changes so that major fossil fuel producers can essentially continue polluting. However, there is also extensive scientific proof that indicates that up to 70% of all carbon emissions originate from household consumption. These are the reasons why altering our frameworks and pressuring companies to run more sustainably so that they can cut back on emissions during production are crucial.

It is UNTRUE that an individual cannot take any action to combat climate change!

Katharina expresses that every person has the power to affect change and should exert themselves as much as they can to lessen their personal carbon footprint. You can already do a lot of things that necessitate only minor adjustments to your current lifestyle. The thought that sustainable living carbon footprint reduction means that you have to completely overturn everything, savor all ties with your current life, move into a tiny house, grow your own food, and change your social environment is SIMPLY UNTRUE.

There are actions that people can take that will have a much stronger positive impact on their personal carbon footprint.

  1. The top thing you can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint is to consume less meat and less dairy. 
  2. Reducing food waste is the second major effort that individuals can take that has such a massive effect. 
  3. Meal planning is the third important thing you can do. You can save a ton of resources and emissions by doing rather than spending money, time, or energy on things you won’t use.


The most human and natural emotion we could possibly experience is anxiety. Whenever our brain alerts us to a threat that may or may not be real, anxiety is the emotion that is produced.  We sometimes have a tendency to avoid really even allowing ourselves to look at those emotions and consider what they might be trying to tell us. Every emotion has a message for us to hear. The first thing advised for anyone who is experiencing anxiety about the climate, is to process and figure out how to deal with these emotions.

How to live sustainably and be free from climate anxiety with Katharina Hellman

There’s more… a membership program!!

Katharina will provide a free masterclass every month that will focus on how to process emotions and change our mindsets in order to build a sustainable life. Beginning in March is this program, Sustainable Living Society. It will address aspects such as food waste prevention, meal planning, sustainable fashion, resources, and relationships, among many others.

In a nutshell, this program’s goal is to create a community of change-makers who seek to rise to the occasion and engage in more extensive climate action, such as influencing and enlisting the support of friends and family. Katharina hopes that by empowering people, this program will be able to build a community of people who are committed to consistently lessening their carbon footprint, living more sustainably, and overcoming their feelings regarding climate change.

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Meet Katharina

Katharina is a Certified Life Coach and Climate Change Coach. She turns climate anxiety into empowered action

Website: katharinahellmann.com

Instagram: @katharinahellmanncoaching

Facebook: Katharina Hellmann

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