Have you seen one of those picture-perfect Pinterest spaces? It seems like they have everything in order, and that they are always happy with their home environment….And then you feel bad because your life doesn’t seem to be like that. Then this messes with your psyche and overall perception of yourself.

I get you. I’ve been there. But when I say I’m not an organized person, I meant that it doesn’t come naturally to me, so I have to actively “work” on it by creating routines and habits. That’s why I love sharing these tips with those who are struggling to get organized. And today we’re going to discuss the steps you shouldn’t skip when clearing clutter from your life.

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It is not commonly talked about in the organizing world but it is important. Decluttering and organizing are not just one size fits all. It’s all about finding what works for you. And there are certain tricks that could help you in shaping that strategy for yourself.

Understand your WHY

It’s important to dig deep and find out why you collect clutter in the first place. This means understanding yourself and your circumstances better. Your clutter can be a representative of what’s going on in your mind, personality, or other aspects of your life. If your home office is chaotic, what does that mean for your work life? And how does that affect your mental health and finances?

How about your kitchen? Living room? Wardrobe? Every corner of your surrounding has a story— which in turn affects you too. So shedding the ‘layers’ of your life is key to detaching from your clutter.

The necessary steps in your journey

Don't miss this step when clearing the clutter from your life with Louise HopkinFirst, you have to change your mindset. I know you’ve read this advice anywhere but I am highlighting this too because it is a must. You have to let go of blaming yourself for collecting clutter. Or that you “should” this or that. In that way, you’re putting off some weight, and you become more open to discovering yourself. Then you can find decluttering ways that could work for you.

Second, get started. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect or be a certain way. You have to trial and error on some strategies. Eventually, by tweaking, trying things out, and maintaining the journey, you’ll discover what’s best for you. And you’ll get better at it!

Third, continue to readjust what works for you based on your changing personality, strength, environment, and family circumstance.

This is why certain online tips and tricks don’t work for some of us. Because we have our own unique circumstances and personality. So stop telling yourself you’re a hot mess and you can’t do it. Believe in yourself!

And if you want to take that first step of decluttering journey that works for you, reach out to me.

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