How mom’s CAN lead a minimalist life

Are there hard and fast rules on being a minimalist? Nope. Are there some guidelines I can follow to help me decide? Yep. But everyone is different and you will make choices that matter to you and your family so don't over analysis what you...

Find everything in your home in 3 seconds!

I guess the easiest way to answer this would be to have less "stuff" in our homes but we all know when you have kids, hobbies, interests and work full time that isn't going to happen. But there is a way we can do this and below is a list and ideas on how we can manage...

Tips on handling the overwhelm when decluttering

I hear this a lot from my clients "It's the thought of starting the project that is so overwhelming" or finding the time can also be a huge issue. So I really wanted to share with you some quick and easy ideas on how to handle this overwhelm when you are thinking...

Home Office Redesign

Up until 6 weeks ago I was working a full time job and working as an home organizer in my spare time for about 1.5 years. I was very lucky where I could take time from my job to work on my passion of helping others create calm not only in their homes but also in...

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