When one hears the word clutter, what comes to mind? Most of the time, physical clutter is the only initial thing people think of and they fail to acknowledge the mental clutter, which is an equally important factor. Debbi Sluys, a personal development, and empowerment coach and the founder of Dare to Declare, joined me on the most recent podcast. We had a splendid discussion about vision boards and clearing mental clutter.

Debbi claims that most people frequently get confused when distinguishing between vision and goal as most people interchange them. These two concepts are distinct! As vision always comes first. This is where vision boards come into place.

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So what is a vision board?

A vision board consists of images and words that evoke emotions. In a nutshell, it’s a compendium of everything you desire. In the context of your own life, you can go playful, a little crazy, or eccentric when creating one. This board helps your vision come to fruition through manifestation as it requires divine intervention.

Achieving goals through affirmation

Affirmation is an excellent method of conveying a goal. Although the goal is a future endeavor, it is asserted in the present tense. One could adhere to a protocol in which they can say “I’m so happy and grateful now that – ” and complete the affirmation with their goal. This is an effective medium for turning visions into goals!

Never underestimate the power of images!

Images are extremely powerful! When changing your home, thinking about how and what you want to feel in spaces and having images represent them is a great approach when utilizing vision boards. This shows how effective vision boards are at keeping physical clutter under control.

About Debbi

Debbi Sluys is an Ontario, Canada-based former childcare director and the founder of Dare to Declare. She has more than 30 years of experience studying personal development, and through the use of vision boards, she specializes in assisting others in living their best lives of abundance.

Website: https://debbisluys.com/
Instagram: @debbisluys
Facebooks: Debbi Sluys

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