LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Helping you reclaim your space so you can fall in love with your home again . . . without it being overwhelming

Declutter, Home Organizing, Louise Hopkin, Calgary, Packing, Moving Home
Declutter, home organizing, Calgary, Louise Hopkin, Space Reclaimers, moving, packing

Ever feel like the clutter will never go away…no matter how hard you try?

I get it.

My name is Louise Hopkin and as a Professional Home Organizer for over 7 years I am truly passionate about helping you create a space that you will fall in love with again.

I hear so often that getting started is the hard part and knowing what to do with your “stuff”. 

The great news is that we nail down a place to get started AND I take the items away after each session.

When working with me I will guide you to making the best decision for you and your space.

Declutter, Louise Hopkin, Home Organizer, moving house, packing

The first step is to book a complimentary call so we can discuss your project. 

On the call I will be able to let you know which package will work best for your project!

We can either work alongside each other or if you have lots on your plate you can go do your thing and we will get to work on your space.

After each session we will take away items for donation and we can arrange to have items that may need to go to landfill (we try to avoid this as much as possible but sometimes it has to happen).

Declutter packages, organizing, Louise Hopkin,

Check out our hands on organizing packages that we offer. If you would like to discuss your project please book a complimentary call and we can go over how it all works!


If you are ready to go you can grab your package special pricing below!

Single Session

If you just need help to kickstart your organizing project

This is great for:

  • Pantry, 
  • Closet 
  • Kids Toy Room.

3 Session Package

Needing to have a complete room decluttered and organized? 

This is great for:

  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Basement
6 Session Package

Perfect for when you need 2-3 areas in your home decluttered and organized.

Some examples are:

  • Kitchen & basement
  • Pantry, Closet & Garage
10 Session Package

Want to get your whole home decluttered and organized? 

Then this is the package for you.

Moving house is rated one of the top stressors in our lives!

It is also the perfect time to declutter so you are only taking the items that you love and need in your new home.

We have helped 100’s of clients move house and they have said it is the best decision they made!

Our team can project manage the move from start to finish or just handle the decluttering and packing part.

Jump on a call with us to discuss which package is right for you and your budget.

Bronze Package

If you are just needing your home packed up ready for your big move OR we can unpack at your new home so your ready to go!

Silver Package

Packing up your home AND unpack at your new home.

Your home will be move in ready so you can come and relax in your new space.

Gold Package

This is the full service. Decluttering, project manage other services (cleaners, movers etc), packing and unpacking and organizing your new home. 

Your home will be set up and organized for you to enjoy!