As a home organizer, making things “pretty” is not my top priority. Rather, understanding why we collect clutter and helping release ourselves from a lot of “stuff” is what’s important to me and what I help people do. And this leads me to…

Brain clutter

A lot of our physical clutter is a reflection of our brain clutter. We often think that getting rid of our physical stuff would help us clear our minds. That may be true for some, but our minds have their own clutter that we need to actually get rid of!

Now what do I mean by brain clutter? It is thinking or worrying of so many things in almost every minute. For instance, you could be worrying about the household chores now and then finances, relationships, social media, and business later. Especially when you’re a mompreneur, more things are added on the things you have to think about everyday! It’s overwhelming. I know.

Decluttering our brain

Quick and Simple Ideas on How to Address Brain ClutterDo you know the feeling of getting into a hotel room and having that “aahhh” moment of relaxation? It’s because you have everything you need and there’s nothing to “get done” in the room! That is what I try to live in our home and what I want other moms to have, too.

So one of the key advice I teach is to keep things simple and not to overcomplicate things.

Because our brains love order. We have to keep things simple so we can create routines. And yes, routines are boring and spontaneity is fun, but routines help a lot with simplifying things. Once a routine becomes automatic, you wouldn’t have to think about that task. Plus, a routine provides structure. So when you are all over the place, it will keep you on track.

Here are other tips to help you declutter your brain:

There are so much more tips on the episode so make sure to tune in!

Declutter with me

In helping my clients declutter, addressing the brain clutter is one of the things I prioritize. We set up systems in place that would cater to them personally and their family. So if you need help with so much overwhelm in your life, I am one message away! I believe in one-on-one coaching because everyone has different circumstances, so we have to create routines and systems that are specifically unique for each one of us.

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