Working with clients made me realize that there really is so much more about clutter. And I call it the layers of clutter effect (check out the top 6 reasons why you collect clutter.)

So I help people figure out those layers in their lives, and then build foundation that would help them have a consistent, clutter-free life. It feels amazing to witness the positive changes in my clients’ lives!

Changing beliefs

As a home organizer, I highlight the importance of digging into the roots of one’s clutter, and the beliefs one may have around them. Because one of the ways to be effective in the decluttering journey is to figure out the beliefs you have around clutter— and then shift those beliefs.

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Each of us have different beliefs around clutter. So I’m going to share 3 mindsets to have so you can shift most those beliefs.

  1. Think of how those stuff you have that no longer adds value to your life may be needed or enjoyed by somebody else. This is when you hold on to your stuff because you believe it’s a waste of money to let go of it, or that it is sentimental..etc Then you could finally reward yourself with new ones once you have let go of those things.
  2. Live life more simply. To live a simple life, you have to redefine your value and goals in life. And for me, my goal is to spend more of my time doing what I love. Once I have figured that out, that goal ripples into the things I do and value. For example, I value experiences more than material things (so I don’t have to spend more time cleaning). It’s also prepping our meals for the week to saves me a lot of time from cooking and so on.
  3. Be proactive rather than reactive. This means planning your calendar, and clearing stuff right away… before everything goes out of control and you only decided then to do something about it!

What are your beliefs around clutter? with Louise Hopkins

Not being tied to stuff is huge. And I want you to reclaim your space and live a happier, fuller life. There are amazing things coming out of the decluttering programs so hop on in and start to make those changes!

If you have topic or guest suggestions for the podcast, reach out to me!

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