Let me guess. Your closet is so full of clothes right now. And looking for what to wear takes up so much of your time, only to end up wearing the same 3-4 pieces. So there’s a lot of clothes that are unnecessarily taking up so much space. Now you’re here to look for tips on how to clean up your wardrobe.

How to curate a wardrobe that you love and feel amazing in without spending a lot of money!

The problem with Capsule wardrobe

You have probably seen the “Capsule Wardrobe” cleaning hack. But this trend, which stems from minimalism, scares a lot of people because it feels restrictive… which doesn’t feel right because our clothes can be our form of self-expression and style, right? Plus, capsule wardrobe requires packing up clothes every season: which felt more work.

Curating a Wardrobe

As a director, Lara has to deal with the dilemma of piled up costumes/outfits. Since capsule wardrobe doesn’t work for her, she created a “curating your wardrobe” system that is easy, budget-friendly, and comfortable.

Curating a wardrobe considers a lot of things (and we recommend that you check out Lara’s modules to cater your specific needs.) And here are the main steps:

Find your style. Create a style board that considers your favorite part of your body, colors that fit you, your personality, etc. We are often drawn to different styles but we are afraid of going forward to that style (ex. you might think that bow is too young for you.) So you also have to ask yourself, what are you looking for? Comfort? glam? versatility? But ultimately,

“it’s all about what makes you feel good. And that is something that you can have fun testing out.”

Stay away from trends…unless it is something that you resonate with, or a long-term trend like skinny jeans. Instead, opt for timeless pieces (that are well-made) and don’t be afraid to be different from other people’s style. Don’t invest in things because they’re hype. Because trends eventually go away!

Invest in good and versatile accessories. They are a great way to style and change an outfit’s “look.”

Don’t be afraid to go on thrift shops and online trades. They are great places to look for timeless pieces that won’t hurt your budget! Tip: look for stores/brands that you like and make sure to know your measurements!

Sell clothes that you rarely wear. A lot of people don’t realize how much clothes they have in their closet. And if you have that many, you won’t notice what you are not reaching for. That’s why it is advisable to dig into your closet and sell those stuck clothes. You would be surprised with how much money you can have in your pocket! Also, you will then have the budget to buy the clothes that you really love.

Listen to the podcast to learn how you can sell your clothes:

Lastly, a lot of us wonder how many pieces one should have. Lara says that there’s not really a limit to it. But what’s important is that everything matches everything else, and that you love ALL of them!

So you don’t have to keep count of how many items you have. You just have to be aware of the situation of your closet.

How to find Lara

Based in Driftwood, TX Lara mixes her love of fashion, theatrical directing degree, and costume expertise, and brings it to the world of women’s style.

She has a love of fashion and a love of people. Those 2 things together are why she created The Wardrobe Edit® course and why she is so eager to bring students in. Curating a beautiful wardrobe isn’t just about wearing clothes, it’s not about the items. It’s about YOU. Lara wants to bring that feeling to every woman.

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By the end of this training you will be able to:
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