One of the most difficult part of organizing or decluttering is letting go of the actual clutter. Your attachment to the stuff is what’s keeping you away from living a peaceful, spacious life.

My amazing guest today, Dawnelda, is one of my clients who took the Reclaim Your Space Program and went to the amazing journey of changing her life. During our consultations, she discovered a lot of deep-seated reasons why she holds on to her stuff especially as a single mom. And from there, she implemented steps that we curated specifically for her needs. It is amazing to witness how much she is able to improve her life. And she is now sharing her knowledge to others to help them achieve the same peace of mind!

Hop on to this episode and hear this success story of home organizing!

The road to detachment

There are a lot of reasons why you attach yourself to your belongings. For instance, during times when you feel like you’re falling apart or you feel down, you would try to hold your life together as much as you can. And that can materialize on your attachment with your stuff (especially with books!) And even when you try to organize or declutter, the stuff come back because you’ve built the habit of acquiring new things when you are emotional. So once you get to the root of your ‘why’ you hoard stuff, it’s time to take a step forward. Check out the top 6 Reasons why we tend to collect clutter.

Here are some of the steps you could take to detach from physical clutter:

Remember that letting go of what’s weighing you down is the most freeing thing you can do for yourself.

So having an organized, clean home will change not just your life, but everyone in your home too (including your pets!)

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How you can learn to detach from “stuff” and create an organized life in just a few weeks! with Louise Hopkins

Chaos to calm

In decluttering journey, the stuff won’t completely go away. You just have to build habits that will keep things under control. And you have to trust the process. You’ll eventually get to the point where everything is clean and you just feel relaxed. This is what I want you to achieve, so reach out to me if you want to start your journey from a chaotic, to calm mom life!

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