Do you struggle to make dinner every week? Or at least realize how much time and energy you spend on making one?

The wonders of meal planning

It may sound overdramatic, but meal planning and prepping can literally change your life. It is especially recommended for someone with anxiety or are experiencing “Sunday scaries” or having anxieties on Sunday. Because it helps feel more organized or ‘in control’ of what’s coming ahead even if it’s just your meals. (See also: how to address brain clutter.)

But beyond that, meal planning has so many benefits. For one, it could help you maintain the diet you prefer to live with depending on your preferred lifestyle.

Second, meal planning helps you hone one of your important life’s skills: cooking. When you have your ingredients ready and you also avoid take outs, you get to learn and experiment on your cooking!

Third, you could save a lot of money from unnecessary food orders or impulsive purchases. You could keep track and stick to your food budget too!

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Fourth, and most of all, meal planning saves you A LOT of time. Imagine the time you could save from strolling around the grocery ‘deciding’ what to eat, standing in line during take outs, doing a lot for that one meal, etc. When you have your meals already prepped in the fridge, you could skip the grocery and dinner can be done in under 20 minutes!

If you however dread that one-time preparation on Sundays, consider this: that energy time spent thinking and preparing for that one meal could instead be spent in preparation for all your 3-4 meals for a week!

Steph, creator of Meal Plan Addict, only takes 1 hour to prepare a weekly meal. But it took her years of practice. So you’d eventually get there too!

How to plan your meals

There are three general types of meal planning. You could choose which one to practice depending on what works for you and your family.

  1. Cook everything on Sunday and put them in containers, then stock them in your fridge.
  2. Make a plan, buy food in ‘salad’ bars or food that are already chopped. Or you could do the all the chopping on Sunday yourself then everything is ready to cook.
  3. Freezer meals. These are frozen ready-to-cook meals. To know more how to do freezer meals right, follow Steph for tips.

And if you don’t know where to start, this is what you do:

Live a Calm Life Through Meal Planning with Steph of Meal Plan AddictFor next week, plan three dinners. Then get your grocery list together. Then think of what you can do to make these ingredients a salad bar in your fridge so you can build your meals quickly.

If you start to get comfortable with these, add in lunches to your preparations. Don’t try to start all at once. Take small steps!

AND don’t try to make a meal plan for a bunch of recipes you’ve never made before. Lastly, make a list of what your family loves. Get them involved.

Connect with Steph

Steph is a former meal prep novice, now meal planning addict. She loves kitchen gadgets and technology, creating easy meal planning recipes, and saving time through meal prep savvy.

Living in Airdrie, Alberta, life was always on the go for her as a busy Project Manager, wife, and mother of kids and foster pups alike.

She created the Meal Plan Addict as a space to help you get organized in your meals, discover tasty recipes, and take your time back! Here, you’ll discover:

To help with your meal planning journey, check out Steph’s tools and templates in her website:

Instagram: mealplanaddict

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