Why the shoe doesn’t fit

Have you had some home decluttering or minimalism inspiration on Pinterest, followed the steps and it looked great, but on the next week everything went back to how it was before? Most of the time, people fail to create organizing systems that cater to their own needs. Organizing and decluttering are not not some things you get done and expect the clutter to never come back. Not especially when you have kids (kids always come with a lot of clutter!)

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And that’s why I keep saying that one size doesn’t fit all in decluttering because we all have different circumstances. So today I wanted to share with you Denslow Brown’s Modalities Chart. The Processing Modalities Model is valuable tool in client assessment, motivation, self-awareness, systems design, and habit development (maintenance).

The Modalities

The nine processing modalities represent basic functioning approaches. And each person has their own processing strength.

Denslow Brown’s Modalities Chart

Utilizing your strength

When you declutter, the key is not to go against your strength. For example, if you are a visual person who value aesthetics, you need to organize on that basis. Say, you need to put (visually pleasing) trash bins to where you would immediately see it so you won’t forget. Or so you can make it a habit and you won’t have to think about it.

If you love having background noise when you are doing something or music helps you focus, then you might fall into the auditory category. So it would help if you have music in the background while you are decluttering/organizing so you would feel great.

If you prioritize relationships and sentimental attachments, then you value emotions. So if you are decluttering, you need to address the sentiments attached to the items. You can also create an “I’m keeping this,” “maybe,” and “I can let this go” bin for you to categorize sentimental stuff. Then the “maybe” pile is what you need to work through. (You don’t have to beat yourself in this process!) Realize that the memory is inside of you, not the item.

We could discuss how to organize around each of the modalities but what matters is figuring out what are your own strengths. Having a coach would really help you figure that out and arrange a system that works for you.

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Work with me

In my organizing journey for five years now, the part that I love the most is creating unique systems that are specifically designed for each of my clients’ needs. In my clutter-free home method, we will figure out the reasons for why you collect clutter, pin point where you need to get started, and create habits and routines that would help you create more space in life for the long-term.

In my membership, you would find that it’s one-year commitment. Many people get intimidated, but creating a (personalized) decluttering system really takes a long, seasonal process. It is extremely rewarding in the end because you can then ‘maintain’ the order without having to put so much effort into it!

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