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Reclaiming your health with Lety AlgeriAs an organizer, I acknowledge how often health and clutter affect each other. I have mentioned in the previous blog how clutter causes overwhelm, anxiety, visual distractions, etc. that leads to further mental health problems. And today we are going to talk about the other way around. I invited health coach Lety to give us some insight on how we can reclaim our health through organization.

People often think that maintaining good health means sacrificing a lot of things. But healthy doesn’t need to be hard. Through simple planning and organization, you can achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

One example is Meal Planning. Maintaining a healthy diet is easy when you are able to plan your meals ahead. You’re not only saving time, but you’re also saving your money, energy, and health!

Let’s say you weren’t able to plan your meals for the week. So when lunch time and dinner comes, you likely won’t have much time and energy to prepare. You then succumb to ordering unhealthy, costly food outside. That one day of being unprepared leads to days and weeks of having uncontrolled food habits.

Can’t do meal planning?

But meal planning doesn’t always work for everyone who’s always busy during the weekends. We get it. It’s not a perfect world. So what are other options?

Plan B: Have freezer-ready meals that you can quickly defrost. This saves you the time, money, and health from ordering food online. So the next time you make a meal that’s freezeable, make it double. Think of different meals that you can have freezer-ready.

Tip: Look at the ingredients of those frozen food brands. If you can, avoid processed, toxic foods even if they are ‘salads.’

Plan C: Have a list of go-to meals that are quick and whose ingredients are always available at home. Like having a bag of shrimp in the freezer. In addition, have those few items that you could eat anytime at home (ex: can of beans.)

Plan D: Always have that food in your fridge that everyone loves. Moms always face the struggle of feeding their kids. But forcing them is counterproductive. The environment you’re creating around their meal time is beneficial for their body image and relationship with food— more than their skipping of a meal a few times. It’s important to create a good, happy eating environment more than what they’re eating.

“Organization translates well into health.” – Lety Algeri

There’s a ton of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle through organization. Because the solution is always to make it simple. You easily give up on things when you start overcomplicating things!

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Meet Lety

Lety is a holistic health coah that specializes in helping busy women create sustainable health strategies that encompass their busy schedule, budget, and family’s taste buds. She also addresses the highs and lows of life and how they affect eating. She teaches why diets don’t work and shares actionable simple steps to ensure sustainable success.


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