You have TOO much stuff! We’ve created a course to help you let it go without all the tears (k, maybe a few)

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About The Course:

This course is to get to the root cause of WHY you collect “stuff” and to give you the tools on how to deal with this and to prevent it happening again. I liken it to a weed in your garden – if you don’t get to the root cause it will keep coming back – see where I’m going with this?

There will be videos to watch with workbooks and recommend resources to read.

Leave the course with all of this:

–  You will be able to easily make decisions on what brings you joy and what is important to you and your end goal

– Examine how you think about your possessions and the meanings you have assigned to them that might be holding you back.

– Learn the fundamental skills used for organizing

– Create a plan of how to get the whole family on board with your new minimizing and organizing skills.

– You will learn strategies for anticipating and coping with stressors and maintaining your new habits

– PLUS you will have direct access to myself to answer your questions and to guide you along the way and we can create custom solutions for you and your family.

– You will prioritize why you collect stuff

– Learn your R.E.A.S.O.N why you collect stuff

– Pinpoint your starting point in your home

– Understand your triggers on WHY and WHEN you collect stuff.

– Continue to create solutions to overcome your collecting stuff and  your triggers.

– How to get family onboard with minimizing

– Advantages/Disadvantage for acquiring

– Overcoming procrastination


– Learn effective problem-solving skills

– Develop organizing skills

– Learn your personal processing modality

– Create guidelines to help you with minimizing

This will happen throughout the course

– Private 1:1 30min coaching call x2 

For the first 10 to join you will receive $150 in BONUSES:

Private 1:1 30min coaching calls x 2 – $150 VALUE 

All this for only $99CAD

Regular Price – $199


I created this with YOU in mind, a space where you can feel safe, secure and where we can be a one-stop shop for all of your minimizing and organizing questions.

We will work together on all the information and experience I have gained over the years and give you the answers to what you need to help YOU!

Because you are so overwhelmed with all of the information from books, Google to Pinterest, trying to figure out what works for you and how to implement it can be more stressful than your stuff!

Time is a currency – are you currently time poor?


Kind Words

My family and I downsized into a smaller house and I lost my office space. I work from home so I needed an area that I could call my own but not really take over our small space. I had an area in mind but no idea where to start. Louise and Alison came in and did a free consultantion and gave me a design that I loved! The Space Reclaimers were always in touch with me throughout the whole process, from design to buying supplies, to the installation. She would take photos and send them to me. She came and installed everything quickly and efficiently and I am so happy with the results. It is perfect. I had a great experience with this project and I am looking for more spaces to organize in the future. If you are looking to organize, downsize or plan an area, I highly recommend these guys. You will not be disappointed.

Lindsay Hack

Owner, Evolve4You Health & Wellness

In the process of selling my house, I needed assistance with organizing my space to improve the staging, as well as selling some of my furniture that I did not plan to move. Louise and Alison from The Space Reclaimers were fantastic to work with. The provided me with excellent suggestions and advice and quickly sold some of the items that I gave them to handle. They also helped me to organize boxes of paperwork, with a very quick turnaround. I highly recommend the services of The Space Reclaimers. They are very organized and professional and provide stellar service.

Glenn Rossenfield

Louise came over on Friday and we worked for four hours clearing out my three clothes closests. It was a very inspiring experience. I found clothes I had forgotten I had. We were able to organize things so that I am now able to find things easily. I highly recommend this to everyone. The best of all is she takes the stuff away (five huge bags full) and donates the items to charity. Amazing! I will have her back.

Bonnie Gallant

Working with Louise at the Space Reclaimers was a very positive experience. I had 3 areas she helped me focus on the kitchen, my home office and the bonus room. Louise helped me evaluate the areas, how our family used the space and then sorted through what we needed, and got rid of items we no longer needed and were clutter. She was a delight to work with, she is very friendly and funny too. It felt like spending time with a friend AND at the end our home looked amazing. Thank you so much Louise, I am thrilled with the work we did and am proud of our home.

Nancy Smith


Why would I complete this course?

This course is going to help you discover why you collect so much stuff, how to get the family onboard and discover your processing modality so you can organize to your style. This is so important because you are HIGHLY likely to continue to organize this way because it works for you and your family.

What is the time commitment?

It really depends on how committed you are – you need to make the decision that you will commit to this course and make the most of all the valuable information you will learn.

There will be action items each week to complete to help you move through the course.

How long will I have access to this course for?

Forever! This is where you get amazing value out of this course. Not only do you get answers to why you collect stuff, create a plan to get your family on board and discover your processing modality so we know the best way for you to organize your home. But if you find yourself sliding back into old habits you can access your course information to get you back on track.

Will you be offering this course again?

We will offer this course only twice a year  April and October with limited enrolment spaces available. If you are reading this then you are thinking about this course – so NOW is the time to act please don’t keep putting it off



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