Packing & Unpacking

Moving house? Let us help you by packing your household items into our eco-friendly boxes ready for your move.
We can also help with the pre move orgnaization and the unpacking and setting up of your new home.

Why choose plastic boxes over cardboard boxes?

  • You don't have to break down the boxes once you have finished and dispose of them
  • They are eco-friendly (each plastic moving box will be re-used hundreds of times before being fully recycled).
  • Stackable which saves space until you are ready to move or unpack
  • No need for tape
We have choosen to partner with Ecobox to provide us with the eco-friendly boxes for packing your household items. They provide excellent service, great rates and a  combination of packages to suit everyone's needs.
Visit them online at

Moving home is a busy time so we want to help.

We will deliver our eco-friendly boxes, pack your household items carefully and professionally ready for your move.

After the movers have unloaded the boxes we can help with the unpacking and setting  up of your new home. Once we have your home looking the way you want we will take the boxes away. 

By combing the rental of the boxes with our packing service you will ensure you are receiving the best possible price.