$55 per hour for one organizer.



We will meet for approx 1 hour and during that visit I will give you instant ideas on how to organize your specific areas of concern.

After the visit I will email a detailed recommendation report with a plan on how to get organized that will include information on where to take donation items, products to buy that will help you organize your space.


Decluttering/Minimilist Support

1 month - $289

What it includes:

1.5hr initial consult
Create goals and a plan on how to get there
Weekly phone call

Weekly action items

You will be held accountable to get things done


10 Hour Package
8 hours decluttering/organizing service
1 hour take items away for donation
1 hour shopping/researching products
10% discount - $495*

20 Hour Package
13 hours decluttering/organizing service
2 hours take items away for donation
2 hours shopping/researching products
3 hours maintenance organizing date to be agreed upon
15% discount - $935*

*We can customize all packages to suit your individual needs.


Closet 4 - 8 hours

Bedroom 8 - 10 hours

Kitchen 8 - 10 hours

Garage 8 - 12 hours

Office (including filing system) 12 - 14 hours


Do it yourself plan only

Are you a self-motivated person and want to start organizing but just  need some help with how to do it? We offer a plan where we will meet virtually and talk about the areas you want to organize and work with you to create a customized step by step plan for you to follow.

After you have received the plan we will follow up with you to make sure you are on track with implementing the plan and ensure it is working for you.

This is a great idea if you are short on budget but big on time. We can discuss if this is the best option for you on our visit.

Do it yourself Plan - $250

  • ​includes 3 rooms
  • additional rooms $80

Home Office Organization Online Plan

Does your home office become the dumping ground for all the bits and pieces you don't know what to do with it?

What you get:

Professional guidance at an awesome price

- We will redesign your home office to create a highly functional and attractive office (increase concentration and productivity)

- A step by step plan on how to declutter and implement basic systems and processes (no more being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin)

- A full list on where to purchase your products from (saves you time as you don't have to shop around)

- All done online

 I can do all this for you and if you head here you will receive a $10 DISCOUNT code -