One Size Doesn’t Fit All When Decluttering & Organizing

One Size Doesn't Fit All When Decluttering & Organizing with Louise Hopkins

Why the shoe doesn’t fit Have you had some home decluttering or minimalism inspiration on Pinterest, followed the steps and it looked great, but on the next week everything went back to how it was before? Most of the time, people fail to create organizing systems that cater to their own needs. Organizing and decluttering […]

What Does Minimalism Actually Look Like?

What does minimalism actually look like? With Louise Hopkins

When we talk about organizing and decluttering, we cannot avoid the topic of minimalism. I find it amazing how minimalists are able to live and maintain that kind of lifestyle. Though, I notice that some people are intimidated by it because it seems restrictive and soulless.  Hop on to the episode: Minimalism can look different […]

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

The Difficult Conversation Today we are going to discuss a difficult topic that lot of people need help with. A lot of us baby boomers are now dealing with how to handle the stuff that our parents will leave behind. Most of us don’t want to talk about it, but we have to start that […]