Quick & Simple Ideas on How to Address Brain Clutter

Quick and Simple Ideas on How to Address Brain Clutter

As a home organizer, making things “pretty” is not my top priority. Rather, understanding why we collect clutter and helping release ourselves from a lot of “stuff” is what’s important to me and what I help people do. And this leads me to… Brain clutter A lot of our physical clutter is a reflection of […]

6 Top R.E.A.S.O.N Why You Collect Clutter

6 Top Reasons Why You Collect Clutter

Why do we need to address our clutter in the first place? First, the clutter in our surroundings easily cause stress and anxiety. It negatively impacts so much of our mental state, or overall health. Second, it drains our finances. The more expenses, the more clutter (and vice versa.) Third, the time we spend on […]