Live a Calm Life Through Meal Planning

Live a Calm Life Through Meal Planning with Steph of Meal Plan Addict

Do you struggle to make dinner every week? Or at least realize how much time and energy you spend on making one? The wonders of meal planning It may sound overdramatic, but meal planning and prepping can literally change your life. It is especially recommended for someone with anxiety or are experiencing “Sunday scaries” or […]

What Does Minimalism Actually Look Like?

What does minimalism actually look like? With Louise Hopkins

When we talk about organizing and decluttering, we cannot avoid the topic of minimalism. I find it amazing how minimalists are able to live and maintain that kind of lifestyle. Though, I notice that some people are intimidated by it because it seems restrictive and soulless.  Hop on to the episode: Minimalism can look different […]

Declutter Your Marriage and Get More Help from Your Husband

Declutter Your Marriage and Get More Help from Your Husband with Tiffany Tuttle

home about Work With Me Masterclass unstuff yourself blog contact Clutter in Marriage Decluttering is needed not only for physical space and in our minds. It is also needed for our relationships. Marriage coach Tiffany Tuttle joined me in this episode to share ways to make marriage stronger after having kids— and get your husband […]

6 Top R.E.A.S.O.N Why You Collect Clutter

6 Top Reasons Why You Collect Clutter

Why do we need to address our clutter in the first place? First, the clutter in our surroundings easily cause stress and anxiety. It negatively impacts so much of our mental state, or overall health. Second, it drains our finances. The more expenses, the more clutter (and vice versa.) Third, the time we spend on […]