Today I attended an event for entrepreneur’s and it was a very exciting time for me. As I am fairly new to operating a start up business, I used to own my own Cafe in New Zealand but this was already established, it has been a big step for me.

I found Ryan Townend from William Joseph Communications easy to listen to and loved his casual but professional style of speaking. It is always good to know that almost everyone who is starting up or running an established business can have an ” off day”.

I understand that Calgary has been in an economic downturn for sometime now but I love how people are moving forward and looking for other ways to either create jobs or follow their passion.

Why do we do it? Why do we cause ourselves stress and anxiety? Well for me I have tried the Corporate world and I just don’t find this enough satisfaction for me. I really want to work with others and help them, meet new people and be in control of my career.

Not sure if that makes me a control freak or someone who doesn’t like to be Managed but either way I am so happy I have made the decision to become a Professional Organizer.

I love to learn which is another one of my interests, which is funny really because in school I was not much of a listener – I was always too busy talking. In fact I seem to remember that most of my report cards had comments such as Louise could achieve so much more if only she didn’t talk so much.  I love to talk to people, make them feel comfortable and find out what makes them happy and how I can help.

So lets see what the future holds for me now and perhaps you might take the plunge as well!

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