Do you often set your kids an expectation and then get really frustrated and angry when they don’t do what you want them to? To kids saying we expect them to hang their backpack when they get home from school and put all the contents in its proper place is just another demand or expectation.

Wouldn’t it be great if we set them up for success by setting the expectations as a goal? This is what speaker and goal setter Michelle Carre (you can find more great information at suggested when I interviewed her on goal setting for kids. If you would like to catch the full interview with myself and Michelle you can head here.

Setting these goals should be age appropriate, for example for the younger kids we could ask them to simply take their shoes off and place in the right spot instead of kicking them off anywhere around the house! The older they get you can expand on this and ask them to take off their shoes, empty their backpack and put their contents in the correct spot and so on.

Get them to understand the “why” they are completing this goal. For example why do you need to empty your back pack and put in the correct place? Because Mum and Dad are busy and there are a lot of tasks to be completed once you get home from school and it helps to keep the home clean and organized.

With after school schedules you could set a goal that you complete your homework first and then you can go play for 15mins then it is dinner time. Depending on your child you may need to let them play first and burn off some energy and then it is time for homework – you will know your child best, for me I know my son for sure needs to play first!

By setting realistic goals, you and your child will be able to grow together on these tasks and makes for a happier,organized home.

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