• Take the time to declutter your bathroom weekly, you can do this while looking after your children having a bath or when they are getting ready for bed
  • Use drawer organizers or small plastic trays to keep like items together this will not only help you find items faster, saving you time but you won’t end up buying duplicates – saving you money!
  • Hang an over-the-door towel rack or install hooks or pegs at adult and child height on back of door or along the wall near sink or tub. This is great for the kids as they are able to reach their towels independently and can learn to hang their towel back up after use
  • Special wall mounts – installed near an electrical outlet, can be purchased to hold dryers, electric razors, curling irons etc. this is a great safety measure as small children are unable to reach them but it keeps the cords tidy
  • Take stock of your make-up that is used regularly and find a box that has individual compartments, you would find these in craft stores, home store. You could also use caddies that sit on top of the counter and have drawers in them
  • Keep to a minimum what you do store on your counter space, create a home for everything – assign a shelf to each family member or organize drawers/shelves by category
  • A spice rack might be attached to the inside of the door to hold razors, toothpaste etc
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