With everyone becoming increasingly busy these days it is even more important to stay organized as we rush from work, chauffeuring kids to their events, making dinner and all the rest that comes with running a home. So, if we can keep on top of things then life should run smoothly right? Well as smooth as life can go, sometimes it doesn’t always go according to plan, and this is the same as being organized. After we have implemented a system or created an organized area it can also get out of control but if we take a few minutes once a week we can have everything back in its place and ready to go for the next round.

Being able to find your keys as you are rushing out the door is a small thing but very vital if we want to drive anywhere right? So it can be stressful if you are running late for an appointment and cant locate those darn keys! Not only are you running late but you have a small child you are trying to get dressed – now where did I put those boots? You are getting upset which then makes your child upset so it turns into a not so nice start to the day.

Now imagine being able to find everything, leaving the house on a calm and stress free note, without a crying child you now have a happy mom – and you know what they say about a happy mom! theres lots of wine in the house oops did I say that out loud? It means the whole family is happy!

Being stress free is not only a healthy state of mind, good for the soul, it has many health benefits. It reduces the symptoms that can be brought on from stress like tiredness, headaches, depression and irritability.

The next bonus of being organized is saving money and who doesn’t want to save money right! especially in economic times like now. How can you save money you ask from being organized? One example is when you are unable to locate those hats and gloves that you were sure you bought last winter on sale and then you go out and buy another set, only to find the original 2 months later. This could have been prevented by have a storage box either in the garage or basement labeled winter accessories. The other cost saving is paying bills on time. If you are constantly disorganized  you may find yourself paying late fees and incurring higher interest rates because you miss payments or you are still paying for something you no longer use, like a gym membership or magazine subscription.

Lastly I would like to take a look at the fact that clutter can “steal” your energy. Many folks will say the don’t have the energy to get organized. Clutter often starts growing when our energy is low, such as during the colder months. This is why when spring comes around we feel recharged and jump into “spring cleaning” We have more energy and feel the need to remove clutter from our homes and offices to make a fresh start. So it is good practice to keep “spring cleaning” in the colder months – maybe not as enthusiastic but keep up a routine during the long winter months and this will help train us to keep on top of things all year round.

Happy organizing!

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