I like to say that I cause a storm before the calm! What I do is gather all the items you want to store in that room or area and have them piled up. Do not have different areas in the home for the same category because this will lead to overstock and clutter. The twist? This could take a few days or a few weeks until you are ready to tackle the project! Most methods are to work through the project as quickly as you can. But I find if you let the items sit there and you have some time to think and plan it will be easier in the long run.  You will find you go back and visit this area before you are completely ready to spend time and go through some items or make some tough decisions.

One of the most important things I like to share is getting to the root cause of WHY you collect stuff. This is super important and is the foundation for creating space for the next level in your health, finance and relationships. Grab our copy of Basic Room Item List. With this list, you will also get some great organizing tips and ideas.

Here are the steps laid out for you to follow:


Step 1 – Group Everything

Group everything together from all over the house – even if it doesn’t have a spot, put it in the designated area. Now you know exactly how much you have in each room and you know how much space you have. These items now need to “fit” into that space so you will be forced to do the next step – minimize.

An example is to bring all the items you want in your kids’ room and if they don’t fit – minimize, don’t put into another room.

Step 2 – Minimize

You need to go through all the items and decide what you want to keep, donate, trash or sell. These are pretty much the standard steps. By having all the clutter around you, you will be forced to make tough decisions.  Because you know you only have a certain area to fit everything into.

Step 3 – Find a spot

We need to make sure everything has a spot. This could mean using shelf raisers, baskets, bins but as long as it looks tidy and you can access items easily (because if you can’t things will not be put back in the correct spot, causing that area to get messy again) if you can’t do this – then you need to minimize AGAIN!

Step 4 – Takeaway

Now you have made all the hard decisions you need to take all items that you need to donation, consignment or landfill within 2 days of completing the project.

This concept can be applied to minimizing or organizing any area or room in your home. Really important to remember when finding a spot for everything, is to step back and decide does this work for you? Will the kids be able to easily reach items without having to dig around and pull things out? Is there a little bit of space for new items? For example with your pantry, maybe you are just heading out grocery shopping and you know you will have more to put back. With your linen closet – perhaps you have a load of sheets or towels in the was, remember to allow space. What will happen is things will end up getting up shoved in.

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