There are so many benefits to creating a minimalist lifestyle, first let me explain that this does not mean that you need to quit your job (unless you want to), you don’t need to give up every luxury item in your life – in fact only having items that you love is really what is about and they CAN be expensive, that’s up to you! Let me explain – if you only purchase items you love and they all have a permanent place in your home then it’s not clutter. But I digress, below is the top 4 reasons why starting on the path to minimalism should become a high priority in your life.

Preparing Your Home for Sale or Moving

– When selling your home potential buyers are able to imagine themselves in that living space
– Clutter takes away the peace and beauty of a home
– Storage areas, closets, basements and garages appear bigger so they know they can store their personal belongings in an organized fashion
– When moving you will have already minimized the items that you need to take to the new home so you are ready for your new start
– It makes packing a breeze because you have already decided what you want to take with you


– You will save money by not purchasing duplicate items because you can’t locate the original item!

– You wont have to throw out expired food from the pantry  because you can see and know what you have
– Your bills will be paid on time so no extra fees



–  You will have a clear plan, goal and view in your home on what needs to be accomplished and this will  reduce your stress levels.
– Less allergies because your home is easier to clean and with less items to collect dust

– You will have more energy – when you have too much clutter in your home it makes you depressed and robs you of your energy

Time! – this is a biggy….With time being such a precious commodity you really want to make the most of what you have so you can spend more time doing what you love!

– Less time spent cleaning your home because you have less items to move around and clean

– You don’t spend time searching for misplaced items

My aim when helping clients when they are so overwhelmed and stressed with their stuff is to understand why this keeps happening and come up with an action plan to change these patterns. It really is a change in mindset which can be hard I totally get it but after reading these benefits I hope you are now motivated to get started on your journey.


Find out more about my “Reclaim Your Space” online course. This will truly help you understand why you collect so much stuff, create a plan to get the family onboard with minimizing and understand your processing modality so you will organize your home that makes sense to you. Check it out here Reclaim Your Space – online course







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