Join our 7 Day Closet Purge Challenge this challenge will help you create space and organize your closet

Do you need to create space in your closet – NOW! Closet organizing and minimizing can be so overwhelming for a number of reasons such as just don’t want to spend time and energy on minimizing and organizing. News flash!! – yes it does take time and effort but the benefits are so worth it and here is why:

  • Gain energy and calm from my space
  • Reduce stress, frustration and anxiety level
  • You will save time by not having to look for what to wear
  • Set a good example for your kids
  • Reduce the feeling of overwhelm
  • Save money by not purchasing duplicate items

How to create space:

We love to have nice clothes because it makes us feel great.  So when we see a sale, it is really easy to full into the trap of buying it just because it was a bargain. Questions we need to ask ourselves before we buy that sale item are:

Do I love it?

Do I need it?

Do I have something similar already in my closet?

Can I remove another piece of clothing so I have room for this on?

With less in our closet we can see what we have, we can plan our outfits easily and

  1. Fold clothes to maximize space
  2. Seasonal clothing – store on top shelving where it is less accessible in well labelled or clear containers
  3. Velvet Hangers – these are amazing and really do save so much space compared to plastic and wooden hangers
  4. Use hooks for accessories – this is another space saver that we tend to forget about but work really well for bags, outfits that you plan to wear for the next day, scarves and belts
  5. Purge every 6 months – my all time favourite as we tend to not keep this up but so important.

Favourite closet organizing products:

Velvet Hangers – these save soooo much space and are really worth the investment. The best priced ones I have found are here Velvet Hangers

Shelf Dividers – when you don’t have drawers you can use these to help keep your clothes separated and nicely folded Shelf Dividers

Underwear closet organizer – perfect for those unmentionables underwear organizer

Handbags and accessories – this hanger with hooks is great for keeping handbags, scarves, belts in order Purse Organizer

Closet Organizing System – I really like Wayfair for closet organizing systems, they have a great variety in all prices and designs.

Are you ready to get your closet minimized and organized?

Come join us for our 7 Day Closet Purge Challenge