Behind the Scenes of Stuff and How it Affects Us

So we do a lot of looking at how to make our stuff look prettier by using pretty storage containers or baskets. But what about behind the scenes at how our stuff is effecting us?
There are 3 major areas where we have the greatest effects Health, Finance, Time.

Here are the 3 Top Effects and 3 Action Items to Implement Today

Health –

Health can be broken down into mental and physical health and they can be tied together. With our physical health, we tend to have less energy to do things and this then flows into our mental well-being because our brain is so fuzzy and has so much going on. This causes us to lose energy and shut down and lose motivation. With our nutritional side of our health if we have a cluttered kitchen with too many gadgets and things that we only use once a year we would prefer to eat out rather than eat at home.
Action Item 1 – Take 10mins and walk around your home and note down the areas that cause you stress and rank them from highest to lowest. Now close your eyes and picture the top area being clean and what you would do with that area? How does it make you feel, do you instantly feel calm and like you want to spend time in that area?

Finance –

If I can afford to buy an item why wouldn’t I? Well yes and no, because just buying for the sake of it is where we start creating that unwanted clutter.
 With so much stuff in our home we are unable to locate an item when we need it, so what do we do – go out and buy it again! If we use retail therapy as an emotional trigger when we are unhappy and we are again spending money that we don’t need to because realistically we know this won’t make us happy in the long term.
Action Item 2 – Write down the last five items you have purchased and beside each item write down did you really need that item, did you have space for it and did you have the money for it? 

Time –

We believe that gadgets will make our life easier and we will save time so let’s buy as many as we can so I can save loads of it cause I sure could use some more time. When in all honesty we really don’t end up saving any time because gadgets usually require extra special care, they only get used for that one particular task and then it sits in the drawer or cupboard taking up valuable space. Things I am talking about are those great gadgets you see in the grocery store, like an apple corer, avocado or egg slicer.
One day while grocery shopping I actually stopped and looked at an apple corer that was on a great sale and considered buying it. BUT as always I had that conversation in my head do I really need it because my knife that I already have does just the same job. So I put it back, yes it was only $4 but that’s not the point, the point is making purposeful decisions when it comes to purchasing ANY item.
Action Item 3 – What is the last item you couldn’t find and why? Go and make a home for this item and get into the habit of replacing it everytime you use it.
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