So who shudders when you think of changing out your closet? There are usually two main reasons


1) Design


2) Cost


I am not a huge lover of wire shelving for the look and the practical use of them, my husband – he couldn’t care less but it was bothering me so I went ahead and designed & installed a new closet for under $500. The key factors I had to take into consideration were:




1) My husband hangs all of his clothes so lots of hanging space needed.




2) Will start folding leggings, jeans and sportwear into baskets to save space and look tidier and organized, so need shelving.




Our closet has a small angled wall which is a difficult space to utilize, so my idea was to install hooks for items like my morning comfy sweater, clothes that I will use again the next day and scarves. My next idea is to use all of the back wall for the shelves and hanging space. Because of budget I have left the wire shelving to the left for shoes etc but it also works.







It is hard to get good pictures with a small closet (5ft x 5ft) and the angles but I hope you get some idea of how it was set up. The corner shelf where we were meant to hang our long items was just in the wrong place. It blocked off the bottom rail and it felt cramped and cluttered.




There will be MANY holes left behind from the wire shelving but an easy fix with spakling and a can of paint. Thankfully we had some house paint leftover so I patched and painted in a day. Make sure everything is level so you don’t have crooked shelves as this might drive you crazy every time you walk by or into your closet!

End Result


On the bottom shelf I added pant hangers for hubby’s dress pants, layers hangers for my pants, motion sensor lights above the top hanging rods.   For our budget I am so happy with the results and it feels amazing!! I will eventually add drawers ($70 each). For now I can manage with this system and it feels friggin good 🙂

TOTAL COST: $301 including the products that you see below. My amazing business partner Karine’s hubby was so generous in giving up 4hrs of his time to install for me. If you feel you can’t do this yourself you may have a handy hubby, friend, friend’s hubby, relative who can do this for you which saves on cost for sure.

For tools all you will need are:



Hacksaw (to cut the rods to a smaller length)

Hand held saw (to cut the baseboard to fit the shelving but not a necessity)


Wall plugs (if you don’t find studs)


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List Of Products Used