I love essential oils and was introduced to them some years ago – ok quite a few by my sister. Back then I remember thinking what a luxury item these were and that they were not in my price range at that time. Fast forward a decade or two and I can’t live without them. The versatility of oils is just phenomenal and they can help with minimizing. Think about it, oils can be used for your health, natural cleaning products, wealth and emotions.



Health is a HUGE subject and ranges from so many different things such as helping us get a better night sleep, balance out hormones, flus, breathing issues, the list goes on. With using essential oils as cleaning products you also reduce the toxins in your home which is a major health benefit.


Let’s focus on the emotions side of oils and how they can help while we are minimizing. We may not realize how much emotion is attached to an item. It could be negative or positive but there is always something that comes to use when we touch an item of meaning. When we have negative emotions attached to an item we need to deal with this and release it. Sounds easy but it is easier to walk away and tell yourself you will deal with it later…sound familiar? It wasn’t until I met Krista Kehoe who is my essential oils guru who taught me that they can also help with minimizing emotions.

You can check out Krista’s facebook page for more great information here Wisebalance Lifestyle  She is fantastic and has so much knowledge that she loves to share. This just felt right and it really made sense once we discussed it further.

These are the following oils and ways they can help you when minimizing:

Clarity: Lemon, Rosemary, Cardamom

Reduce Resistant to Change: Cilantro

Reduce Hoarding Tendencies: Lemongrass, Myrrh, Purify, Zendocrine, Thympe, Wild Orange

Reduce Indecisiveness: Lemon, Peppermint

Increase Motivation: Motivate, Peppermint, Wild Orange/Citruses, Citrus Bliss

As a minimalist you will use these essential oils:
  1. Diffusion to affect mood (to get the job done)
  2. To clean (and not keep excess products on hand)
So how do they work?

Essential oils affect our limbic system which controls basic emotions and drives motivation.

Our olfactory receptors are in our brains as well as on our skin and you don’t need to have a keen sense of smell for the oils to take effect. The oils will promote healthy emotions and will help you manage your self as you find new ways to release old habits.

Still not sure if they will help or not? Well you really don’t have anything to lose because they smell so darn good!

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