I guess the easiest way to answer this would be to have less “stuff” in our homes but we all know when you have kids, hobbies, interests and work full time that isn’t going to happen.

But there is a way we can do this and below is a list and ideas on how we can manage this no matter how busy we are in our lives.

Everything has a place:

To help us find our items in a hurry we need to have a designated place for every item. Sounds kind of overwhelming doesn’t it? But really if you think about it, if we have less stuff then it is easier to dedicate a place for our things. Sometimes we think we need more of one item or we need things to help make life easier for us when really all it does is cause us stress and anxiety.

For example having more than two takeaway drink bottles/mugs per person in the house, in your pantry do you really need 12 different sauces that you may use some day?  Do you really need 20 sweaters? Thinking like this will help you eliminate having too much of one item. You need to picture the end result and why you are stopping yourself collecting too much stuff. Your end result is to be stress free and calm in yourown home.

Routine and habit:

So now everything has it’s place you need to maintain this! To do this you need to create a routine and habit where you will return everything back to it’s designated place and not just dump it wherever is most convenient at the time. Have one area that is the “dumping ground” so if you have an item that you think I will return this later you can dump here. At the end of the day allow at least 15mins to putting away these items and stick to it, no matter how tired you are it will get easier to do and it saves build up of clutter.


Use this acronym when looking at organizing your home this will help you come up with a game plan and create the easy system to find things quickly.

C: items should be Categorized or put into groups whenever you can

O: arrange things by Order, such as color, size, age etc

D: shorten the Distance between where the item is kept, and where it’s needed

E: keep Ease of Usein mind as you place your items for example keep your must have items when you leave the house by the door i.e. keys, wallet etc

Have Less:

As I mentioned at the beginning, having less stuff is an easy answer but really it is the best way to handle our buy lives so we don’t feel chaotic and overwhelmed. Ask yourself do you really need all of this stuff and why do you have it? You will more than likely find there is a deeper reason of why you are holding onto certain items. It could be related back to the way you grew up or an experience you had where you found you needed something after removing it from your home. Unless it is a really expensive item you can easily replace it and even though you have spent money on it, it is really worth it when it is causing you stress?




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