Your Home Office beside the kitchen plays a huge role in the family. This is where the bills are paid, kids do their homework, you may work from home or run your own business.

When the Home Office gets taken over by other family members you can get frustrated and you lose focus because you are constantly surrounded by stuff!

As a business owner this could potentially be causing you to lose business, or lose focus so your creativity and productivity decline. This can all equate to losing money.

My Home Office was also the play room and was being taken over and causing me some stress.

So I decided my home office needed an extreme makeover and organization asap! I needed to work in an environment where I felt excited to be in, not cluttered as this creates clutter in the mind and affects the ability to be as productive as you would be in an organized area.

My first steps was to decide on a budget, have an idea in mind of what I was looking for and for me my main needs were:
– less clutter on my desktop
– more storage area for miscellaneous items
– photos, objects from family vacations and memories
– an inspirational quote
– clean, orderly feel to it
– share a small space for toys

A lot to ask I know when you see the before photo, but I was determined to do it for a budget of $300 and I did! The first thing I did was look through pinterest to see what others had created for themselves and take bits and pieces of what I liked to create my ideal home office or as close to for my budget.

I decided not to face the window as the glare can affect my eyes and I wanted to see the family and dog (although he is part of the family) as they walked into the room. Ideally, I would have liked to have more desk space under the shelves but that was not in the budget as I used my old desk. I had not anticipated the back of the desk looking like it did (it had been a while since I had seen the back) but that’s ok I headed to Rona, purchased some thin white plywood and glued it to the back – perfect and it only cost $18.

Next was to create that open feel so I got rid of the shelving that went above the computer and opened the space up. I needed to declutter and rehome items that didn’t really need to be in the home office really – such as my Harry Potter books – yes guilty! And for me I wanted as much of a clear desk as possible so I decluttered the drawers on either side and moved the pens, pencils, paper clips, USB drives etc into a drawer using a drawer insert to keep organized. Second as to buy a slim-line light and by adding the storage shelving behind the desk and in the end I had ample storage for all my bits and pieces!

I know it can be overwhelming especially halfway through the project and you see all the mess lying around and you think “what have I started and am I ever going to find a place for everything?” I have clients say this a lot and it will prevent them from starting that project whether it is due to time or budget. For me, it did take me three days to complete this as I didn’t do it all at once as I did not have the time to put aside 6 or so hours all at once and I am ok with that so long as I keep focused on the big picture.

I am excited to be offering my new online program to help you declutter and organize your home office!

If you find your home office is the dumping ground and has been taken over by other members of the house I invite you to join the waitlist for my new Reclaim Your Home Office program  You will be the first to know when it is open for registration!

Products purchased:
4 cube storage from Ikea – $59.99 Kallax shelf unit
2 shelf wall unit from Ikea – $39.99 Billy Bookcase
Shelves on wall from Ikea – $29.99 each Ekby Tony
Brackets for wall shelves from Ikea – $20.00 Bjarnum
Blue boxes with lids from Ikea – $20.00
Seagrass baskets from Ikea – $49.98
Desk lamp from Ikea – $18.99 Harte
Summera drawer insert from Ikea – $7.99

Plywood to cover the back of the desk from Rona – $18.00

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