It’s a tough time when it comes to selling your home and the big question is what is going to make your home stand out from the rest? Let us share with you our top tips and ideas on how you can do this! AND you won’t spend an arm and a leg.

Yes I’m going to say it minimize, minimize minimize! Getting your home ready for sale and creating that first impression is so important! Why? because with less stuff in your home you are creating a calm environment where the potential buyer can focus on the best features of your home – not the worst.

So let us explain what we mean by S.O.S and how it works for you and your family.


You will sell your home faster if you take away all of the noise and by that we mean “stuff”. Our brain loves order and it sees the beauty in simplicity. The potential buyer can visualize themselves in your home much easier if they are not looking at your family photos or quirky souvenirs. 93% of realtors recommend that seller’s declutter your home before putting it on the market.

Obtain – 

You will obtain your asking price if not a higher price because the spaces will appear larger.  Prime areas are bedroom closets, kitchen and living room (remember it is the female that usually has the last say when purchasing a home),  Potential buyers have now fallen in love with your home and don’t want to miss out on the purchase. This will encourage them to offer you the asking price OR offer a lower price by a few thousand instead of 10’s of thousands.

With your house looking amazing and potential buyers falling in love with your home you may find multiple offers coming in and this could help bring in a higher than listed offer.

Save – 

There are so many ways you can save time using the minimizing idea! Firstly, you won’t have to spend so much time cleaning around stuff because they will be either packed and donated. So when you have a showing request you will save our most precious commodity TIME!

When you get your offer you wont be stressed because you are already ahead of the game. There will be less to pack, less to organize and all this equals less stress and more TIME! Who says moving has to be one of the most stressful times in our lives!

Ok I guess you are senesing a theme here – yep it’s TIME! This is huge and if you can save as much of this as possible why wouldn’t you? You know you can never gain back time and why wouldn’t we spend it doing more of what we love.

SOLD! so now what? We have talked about how to get your home sold faster, obtain best price and save time and stress but how to overcome the next stress of getting things organized?

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