Every home is different and every family has their own needs so as a professional organizer I want to share with you these simple steps that will help create a minimized and organized home.

The reasons I know these steps work, is not only from my happy, organized clients but because – here is my little secret I want to share with you – I haven’t always been a super organized person – gasp I know shocking right?

Organizing is a skill and something that you CAN learn. When I was younger I loved to live in the moment and moved countries and cities so many times so I really wasn’t thinking to far into the future.  So what changed? I had a baby and now life really needed to be organized with working full-time, no family in Canada and a new born and a husband that LOVES order (it used to drive me crazy when we first met!).

It became a necessity for me to begin creating a life where I wasn’t stressed to the point of panic thinking I couldn’t handle so much all at once. So I started putting new routines and systems in place and making tweaks when needed it things weren’t working until I found something that worked for all of us.

So now I want to share with you how you can do this yourself, yes it does take time and effort but the benefits are so worth it and here is why:

Gain energy and calm from my space

Reduce stress, frustration and anxiety level

You will save time by not having to look for things

Set a good example for your kids

Reduce the feeling of overwhelm

Save money by not purchasing duplicate items and throwing away expired items

Clear my head of all the clutter

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So let’s get started, I found this amazing acronym from Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern and thought this was such a great fit S.P.A.C.E and an easy way for you to remember the steps :

1. Sort – You more than likely have lots of the same item in many different areas which causes confusion and disorder. Gather all like items and group together.

Example: if you are organizing your craft area and you discover you have wrapping paper, gift boxes in the basement gather them all together so you can visually see what and how much you have.

2) Purge – This is the time when you need to go through ALL of your items in the one area and decide what to keep, donate, toss, store.

Tip: Pick up an item you are unsure of and use the first emotion that comes to you when you touch this item, is it a negative feeling or positive? If negative you need to remove this item from your home as it is only causing you negative energy and taking up space.

3) Assign – So now you have all of your items that you either love or regularly use, now it is time to assign a permanent  place for everything. If you have a room that has multi-purpose uses you will need to divide the room into activity zones like a Home office can be split into different sections that incorporate all the “works” homework, artwork, paperwork.

Tip: Make sure to include the whole family and find out what is working and what isn’t. By including them and listening to their concerns and ideas they are more likely to keep up the systems.

4) Containerize – Containers make it easy to keep your categories of items grouped and separated within their assigned homes so that retrieval, cleanup, and maintenance is easy. This also helps with limiting the amount of items you accumulate because you only have a certain amount of room!

Tip: By separating your bathroom into containers you can have a section for First Aid, Make Up, Washing Items, Hair so it is easy to find things and they don’t become mixed up together.

5) Evaluate – This is a really important step, because if you have gone to all of this trouble in the first steps to get organized you don’t’ want to end up back where you started. Write it into your calendar to revisit your systems, 

Tips: Make sure to revisit every three months and if nothing needs to change make a note of this and celebrate that it is working because you will now be a happy, calm and organized family!

Good luck and I can’t wait for you to get organized.

Come join our community on our FREE facebook group where we share tips, advice, ideas and monthly challenges to help get you minimized and organized -> The Space Reclaimers Facebook Group