With the announcement a few weeks ago of a potential Single-use plastic ban by the federal government we received a fun request to speak about this subject on local news! This was so much fun! 

So in the spirit of always encouraging positive habit change here’s a few tips and items idea to replace single-use plastic item in your house and daily life. 

By making small changes, you can have a big impact on our environment and be ready for any legislation change in the future. 

Most common single-use plastic items easy to replace: 

  • Bags (shopping and produce bags)
  • Drinks (cups, lips and straws) 
  • Food wraps 



  1. Single-use plastic shopping bag 

Single-use plastic shopping bag are one of the easiest items to avoid using and might be one of the first on the list to go. 

Our favorite substitute: using totes and reusable shopping bags instead. 

They can be purchased at your favorite grocery store and come in a variety of size/style. Personally, my favorite is the foldable tote/box style one. They can hold heavy items, store easily and I use them all the time, not just for grocery shopping. They are so versatile! and you can get some that fit into your purse. 

Tips to not forget them at home:

I keep 4/5 of them in my car at all time. Also, after unpacking my groceries  I wipe them if necessary, and group them all together in one, place them by my shoes. So next tine I head out to the car, they come with me! 


  1. Produce bag 

Same as the single-use shopping bag, these are the smaller versions available in the produce section at the grocery store

Our favorite substitute: using mesh bags

They can be purchased at most grocery/big box store or here: Mesh Bags

Tips: just like with your shopping bags, once you are done using them, they can be washed and return to the car with your shopping bags. 



  1. Cups

We know that most coffee shop cups, are paper/recycled but why not reduce those single-use items anyway?

Our favorite substitute: Using your own on-the-go/insulated cup. 

The choices for those are infinite 

Here’s a local/custom choice that is great if you want a “fancier” to-go cup or they also make great gift! Little Sweet Arts


  1. Lids

Most lids are made of plastic and often they can’t be recycled properly.

Our favorite substitute: Silicone lids

Obviously, if you are already using your own to-go cup, you might not need those lids. But if you don’t like to carry your own cup everywhere you go, the lids are an easy option and easier to carry then the full cup.

They come in a pack of 6 so you can always have a few stored in your car or even your purse. They stack nicely for storage and are spill proof. If coffee stains on your freshly wash shirt is one of your trademarks like me, you will love those lids! 

Here’s our favorite: Singe Use Plastic Products


  1. Straws

Straws are probably one of the most “talked about” single use plastic item that aren’t recycled and highly dangerous to marine species and our environment in general. 

Our favorite substitute: using silicone or stainless-steel straws. 

The straws are another item that is easy to swap and will probably have the greatest impact. Most of them are dishwasher safe and come with a brush to clean them. You can easily store them in your cutlery drawer, in a mason jar/glass in your cupboard or have them in your mesh bag 😊 for on the go! 

Here’s our favorite: Single Use Plastic Products


Food wrap

Food wrap are one of those items that we use regularly but don’t hear about as much in the news.

Our favorite replacement: using Bees wax wrap and/or container.

The Bees wax wrap are so much fun and safe to use on food. They come in a variety of style and patterns and for the DYI lovers out there you can make your own. 

Here’s our favorite, made by a local entrepreneur and you can check out her facebook page here: All Natural Beeswax Wraps