I hear this a lot from my clients “It’s the thought of starting the project that is so overwhelming” or finding the time can also be a huge issue.

So I really wanted to share with you some quick and easy ideas on how to handle this overwhelm when you are thinking about starting your decluttering project:

1) if you have a large area that needs to be decluttered break that room down into sections

2) set a timer for 20mins or so and get as much done as possible

3) have an end date to complete the project so you will stick to the schedule

4) tell a friend, family member, post it on Facebook about the project, this will hold you accountable to complete it

5) don’t put it off – you wont regret completing your decluttering project it is so worth it

Why declutter?

Clutter causes all sorts of issues from health to financial issues. It can be the cause of “fuzzy brain” (where you cant concentrate in your home because of all the “stuff”), you don’t want to socialize anymore because you are embarrassed to have friends or family over.

Some really great reasons to declutter are:

1) save time so you can spend it doing things you love whatever that might be

2) save money by not buying duplicate items

3) make money! by purging items you no longer need or use you can sell those items

4) help others by donating items to those who cant afford them

I hope these ideas help and that you are now ready to start your decluttering project!