Why You Can’t Let Go Of Your Old Text Books?

Sentimental is a huge part of WHY you collect stuff. If you think about it, you can tie a memory or feeling to just about any item in your home. It could either stir up a sad, happy, nostalgic or painful emotion. We can use this to hold onto our items because it makes us feel like our past self.

A great example is many of us keep our old textbooks, even though they are many years out of date. Why do we do this? There are lots of different memories and ideas attached to these books, such as our younger, free days where our biggest responsibility was to study. You also paid good money for those books, even if it was 20 years ago and it could be that you don’t know what to do with them and you don’t want to just throw them out.

Your Identity Comes From the Inside

With other sentimental items, these could be items belonging to family members who have passed away and you feel that by donating them or throwing them away you are dishonouring their memory. Some great ideas if you really can’t part with these items are to repurpose them. Some examples are turning furniture into picture frames, medal hangers, key holders and clothing into blankets or quilts.
Remember your identity comes from the inside, not the outside so you don’t need to keep hold of these items to be you. Many of us know the 80/20 rule which is we only use 20% of what we own. With this in mind when going through your sentimental items you need to be present and focused and decide if you really do need this item. Questions to ask, do you have space for it or are you just holding onto it because it reminds you of someone or a past life.

Time to Deal With It Is NOW:

You also need to think about the future and what will happen to those sentimental items that you are holding onto. One client I was working with to minimize had many items that were attached to memories such as travel, family heirlooms and reminders of her kids. She invited all her family members to her home and “auctioned” off her items and the money went to a charity of her choice. The great thing about this is that the items that found a new home went to family members who actually wanted that particular item.
We find ourselves making all sorts of excuses as to why we can’t or shouldn’t let go of those treasured items. Do you find yourself saying, “But what if the kids need it one day”, “this belonged to my parents and it reminds me of them every time I look at it” or “I still have my old textbooks and my thesis that I did in University decades ago and can’t get rid of them because I spent so many hours working on them”. When in all reality we are making excuses for not dealing with the tough emotions that come up and are valuing the past rather than the present, even though it may be causing us anxiety, stress and costing us time.

Here is a couple of ideas on how to deal with this.

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