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How would it feel to work less & create that home you feel calm in, all while keeping your weekends free to spend with family?

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LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Your days of trying to go it alone, wasting time & money, and feeling helpless are officially over.

I have seen so many of you trying to go it alone, you check out social media and see all of these beautiful homes and people and you immediately start to feel discouraged and you ask yourself why can’t I do this?

The reason – one size doesn’t fit all!

You have a different style of organizing compared to the next women beside you….they might be visual and you could be an audio person. Curious to how this helps you with getting your home decluttered and organized? 

Read on….

One-on-One Coaching

When you know that you are finding it hard to focus on what needs to get done. You know there is something stopping you but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. 

We work to uncover your blocks, create systems, habits and routines that will keep you organized.

Reclaim Your Space Program

When you struggle with knowing where to start, overwhelm and feel like the project is just too much. 

You need that motivation and direction to get started on your decluttering journey but just can’t seem to figure out where or how to start – this program is for you!

Hands On Organizing Sessions

If you just want to have someone help work with you to get it done then these are the packages for you!

We will come to your home and declutter and organize one room or your whole home!

We also offer packing services for when you are moving home.

LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach declutter

One-on-One Coaching, Your Life - Real & Organized

When we work privately together we are going to take a deeper holistic look at what blocks are keeping you stuck in the clutter cycle.

Once we work through these you are able to intuitively know what you need to do to get organized. 

LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Stop procrastinating and book Louise, now. I can promise you will not regret it!

We pulled the trigger because we wanted to either sell our home to develop the basement. Were were stuck because the thought of dealing with our clutter was just too much!

I didn’t think I could do it, but once I started it got easier. I have purged my textbooks and collecting that have been boxed up for years! and finally feel free!

It was a process but I have let go of so much stuff! My favourite part is the community and the accountability which for me what what I needed.

Alana Fraser

Reclaim Your Space Program

Keep what you love, let go of clutter and create spacious flow in your home. Once we understand this and are able to have systems, strategies and tools in place it becomes so much easier!

Ahhhhh…. s-p-a-c-e! You’ll adore it so much as you live with less and love the spacious calm it brings to your family and home!

Reclaim your Space declutter program Louise Hopkin Home Organizer
LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Hands down, best business investment ever!

I would recommend this course to anyone looking for some inspiration to get started on the decluttering journey.

The course is simple and easy to follow and Louise is a great mentor and coach to keep you motivated. 

Kerrie Jones

LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

Refresh Your Space Party!

This is a fun new creative way to help you get that one space decluttered and organized in one session!

You decide on a space that you  have been struggling to get organized – we meet via zoom and you get it done!

Louise Hopkin The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

My closet is moveable now!

Hi Louise! Just wanted to say thank you for your great suggestions. I ordered some of the items on your website and they look amazing!

My closet is actually moveable now!!

Andrea Menard

Not sure which service is right for you?

Start your journey with a free Discovery Call: think a casual zoom chat over coffee with your business BFF. I can’t wait to talk strategies with you!

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