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LOUISE HOPKIN The Space Reclaimers Home Organizer Coach Declutter

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Time is such precious commodity and I know we say we don’t have time for a lot of things.

I sure do, I want everyone to be able to access what we do because I know it is so valuable to create the life we desire.

Easy! I know it is a different concept but what I am passionate about is helping you uncover the blocks and get you to intuitively know how to get organized.

I hear ya! There is a lot out there whether it’s paid or free info and here is where we are different.

I believe in looking at holistic when it comes to decluttering and organizing. 

We work to uncover the blocks and lifestyle changes that need to happen to make it work for YOU!

YES! As a mom who has ADHD I totally get what it’s like to be struggling to focus and get things done.

While I love lists I also love to have some flexibility to help with a ever changing life and I believe this really helps.

Sure do. I have meditations that will help set you up for success. We can look into simple Feng Shui practices

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